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Alright hello everyone, real quick question and here it is. Currently at Toronto Lester callsign American 777 and the ATIS said gate hold in effect. What does that mean?

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Gate Holds mean that a pilot should just expect to hold position in their gate and expect a longer time on the ground… It’s being used as there’s a lot of traffic right now at Toronto

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Yep, that means that the airport is busy there will be delays and you may have to sit at the gate awhile and wait for pushback clearance.

When a gate hold is in effect, aircraft will not be allowed to pushback. You should not request pushback.

Gate holds are often lifted within 5-10 minutes, so just sit tight and make sure everything is ready for your flight!

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Wait so then how do I know when to use push and start? Cause I’m fueled and ready for clearance by ATC

The controller will either tell you to pushback right as you request it… Or the controller will tell you to “Hold Position” and will contact you back. If the wait goes over 10 minutes, you should request pushback again.

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Alright well he just gave me pushback clearance. Thank you all!

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As @tomthetank suggests: it is better not to request pushback when the ATIS enforces a gate hold. When the controller decides to end the gate hold, he will update the ATIS and send out a broadcast to all pilots. You then quickly tune into the ATIS frequency again and when you see the gate hold is lifted, you can request for pushback.


It basically means to expect delays due to high amounts of traffic.

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