Gate Etiquette

So I have been thinking about what the protocol is for sitting at gates at busy airports such as those featured throughout the week of FNF. Since I like personally turning aircraft when doing regional flights or stringing flights together I was wondering how long is too long to sit at the gate when you are at these busy airports. The issue to me was apparent last week when we had flights to the Caribbean Islands as the airport parking was almost always full. Do you have an opinion on it or does it not matter.

I’d say it doesn’t really matter in large airports with lots of gates or airports that aren’t busy. But if it’s an airfield with not so many gates available, yeah - don’t be rude and take up a gate.

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It really depends on the traffic. This is because as IFATC controllers like myselth know it’s about the efficacy and safe conduct of flight whilst on the ground and in the air. So if this meant having aircraft stuck on the ground because it’s too busy sometimes people just cant move. It’s a juggling act. My honest opinion is that it doesn’t really matter. It’s the realisms aspect that counts.

In my experience with IFATC we had an issue where the gate I was trying to park in was one way and I was basically in the taxi for takeoff line because of how backed up the airport was but probably has more to do with the airport being small than it being busy.

Controllers I say only really think about gate holds and make sure nobody crashes into each other taxing to and from gates if you are not inferring with anyone’s flight on the ground there’s nothing wrong with sticking out a bit at your stand it’s not your fault.

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It’s about the safe conduct of flight & manoeuvrability but always making sure everyone’s accounted for.

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