Gate Errors at EKCH (and others!)

Hi all, with the schedule taking us to EKCH and Scandinavia, I decided to do an SAS flight from EKCH to their first a350 destination, KORD. I planned on doing SK943 from Copenhagen to Chicago, which departed from gate C28 in the intl. terminal. However, when I logged into IF and EKCH, I noticed that over half of the gates at the international terminal could not be spawned into with a heavy aircraft like the a350.

What’s more puzzling is that I have flown this route on the a330 before the 19.4 update and was able to spawn into every single one of these gates.

Additionally, to my surprise, this is not an isolated incident; I recently brought this up with another major HUB airport WSSS

WSSS Gate Errors

Here is an image from EKCH:

The recent navigation update also (I think) did not bring any change either (at least not to WSSS)

Does anyone know how to open up these gates to how they were prior to 19.4, I would love to be a little more realistic with my flights if I could!

Thanks and safe flying 😄

The airport team is already aware of the issues involving the 19.4 changes and are working on getting it fixed.

They mentioned it would not be in the most recent navigation update. But hopefully sometime in the new year we’ll be back to normal


The easiest way to fix something like this is to just do it in solo.
Or request to an airport editor.

Adding on @mwe2187:

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Thanks for the help folks :)