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I like to fly new routes frequently but while flying primarily with heavy body aircrafts, I find myself not knowing where to park upon landing. Is there any way for me to know which gate positions are suitable for the aircrafts that I fly or should I just pay it no mind? (It’s not a big deal, just a quick wonder haha) When I’m not familiar with the airport at all and I fly there, I often find myself in an area of gates designated for smaller aircrafts. Also, would there perhaps be a feature for Ground to direct aircrafts where to park upon landing?



I would recommend using airport ground charts since they can tell you or give an idea of what gates have aircraft size restrictions. You could also do a bit of research and maybe look on FR24 or details on the airport about where larger aircraft park at your destination Airport before you land so you know where to go upon exiting the runway

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As far i know, there is no way of finding a suitable gate with IF only. What i do is to check in which gate did the real life plane arrived with flightaware.

( For me is in spanish, but i think is the same info in english ).

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You can check your destination airport before. So you are able to see which gate is capable of dealing your aircraft. Make a screenshot and check it again after you landed. That’s what I do mostly.


On startup, I go to the destination airport with the intended aircraft to see where it can park.

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Thank you! I’ll definitely be doing this from now on.

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Hello there!

Currently there is a work in progress list for all the major airports (currently a lot of airports with buildings are supported) in this list below. It gives an exact reference to all the spawns in an airport and what aircraft size is supported.

Not amny airports are currently supported, however should be added over time.

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On vacation this week. Will get the other new 3Ds done quick. Add requests or PM me if there are any specific airports you would like done. Respectfully

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