Gate classifications at KMSN

Would it be possible to change the allowed aircraft sizes at the KMSN terminal? I spawned in what seemed like an open parking space only to be welcomed by this:

It’s unrealistic and unreasonable to have very large aircraft spawn in gates that were never meant to handle them. There’s only one gate at MSN designed to handle wide body aircraft and it’s this one:

This is what the IF map looks like with an A350 selected.

It’s just a bit of a shame to finally have my home airport in the game and with IFATC only to have it plagued with wide body aircraft.

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I think this would be a job for the IFAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team). Not sure if the IF developers will do this, and IFAET don’t take requests. There will always be one airport that has a few quirks! :) but it would be great if they could do it. I have had something like this before.

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The category is fine. IFAET will edit the gate sizes when they get round to editing this airport

The editor was @Aceorbit. He may explain the gate size desicions at MSN.

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@Haifan_Day Gates 1-3 can all handle heavys (Not all at once though), Gate 2 is the only one that can do a 747 though. Trust me I know a guy who works there 😂 But yeah no heavys at 4-13


Maybe just dont fly an A350 into there ahahahaha

Fun fact: he knows himself


Do they have parking spot markings for the widebodies at gates 1-3?

Yes they do, i’ll dig through my pics in a bit


Blame the +1 sizes IF registered compared to what I actually put in, my man @Hopperbolic gave me the correct gate sizes. Looks like Infinite Flight doesn’t recognize the potential of collisions with the other gates, so there Is not anything I can really do about that, sorry. Hopefully Cam improves it in the future.

Most likely those gates are for the 757, so if I put in the correct gate size for the 757, Infinite Flight also kicks it up to +1 allowing wide bodies.



They should allow 757 at largest. There would be the same problem if there were 767s and MD11s spawning in too

A330 at MSN Gate 1

744 at MSN Gate 2 We park them at 2 because the wings take up so much space


If Infinite Flight bumps it up +1 couldn’t you just put in size C so it bumps it up to size D or is that not how it works?

We have default spawn sizes we work with, and with gates we have to put in the largest size that fits roughly within the gate outline.

You’re right on that part.

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Oh ok, makes sense

I thought that was removed. Someone has spawned heavies at Regina (a pretty small airport) before so…

This seems a bit over dramatic.

Clearly from whatever is being posted above, the gates in IF are correct. If you still think this is an issue, do contact the IFAET

Well it’s apparent that IF somehow converts D class gates into E class gates which most certainly should not be happening. It sounds like an issue with how IF reads the navigation database rather than the database itself. Might as well attend to the core of the issue rather work around it for one airport.

I am a bit of a realism police myself, so you can probably understand the disappointment I feel when an A350 spawns on top of me at a gate strictly meant for narrowbody aircraft.

Sometimes WED doesn’t properly load back over to IF. So that may be the issue.

I find that very much true, because when I spawned in solo in airports I reworked myself, I could see that the nose wheel wasn’t exactly aligned with the gate line (as the spawn WAS in WED), and every curve was just many short lines.

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