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Unfortunately I once again don’t know what category to place this topic in but when you spawn in the choose a gate, it sometimes tells me the gate is taken even though the other plane is in the gate next to the gate I chose. Does anyone know why this happens?


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It depends on the aircraft that is parked in the gate. Sometimes you can’t park two widebodies next to each other depending on the gates. The game will prevent this from happening to avoid aircraft spawning too close together, I guess.



I believe the reason why this occurs sometimes is because airports that are yet to be updated by the IFAET are still published with gate classes that are one size larger than what the gate accommodates in real life. For example, if there was a Class Charlie gate then Class Delta would be able to spawn there.

This obviously could cause wingspan conflicts which may be why the system is reading it as an aircraft is already in your gate, because there wouldn’t be sufficient space to spawn in at the gate by taking into account the aircraft wingspans.

This is being updated now within the IFAET when editors updates there airports so spawn locations and sizing is accurate to their real life counterparts.

Hope this helps explain why you may be experiencing this.

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Do it really depends on the types of gate right? Since one I can not spawn a 767 next to a CRJ next to me, I had to park 3 slots away from it.

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A simple crash course: When we edit spawns, we set them to ‘classes’ depending on size, from A-F. A is Cessna 172, F18, etc. , all the way up to B747-8 and A380 in F. This is mainly depending on the length. Way back ago, the editors didnt focus as much on spawn sizes, so there was some conflicting. As mentioned above, if the wings hit, the system says no and doesnt allow you to spawn there.
Im assuming the slots which you mentioned may have been close together (e.g. gates: 09L, 09, 09R), and due to the sheer size of the 767’s wings, and the size of the CRJ’s wings, the spacing much be larger. This is perfectely normal, not a bug!


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