Gate Capacity

NeXT the gatenames you can see wich plane can park there.

Sample: Gate F4-----B747, A340 and A380
Gate A8-----B737, A320, A321 and A318

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Would be cool but wouldn’t be easy to get in the vast amount of data for each airport.

Plus our airport editing application doesn’t have many features like that


I love the idea. I hate parking in the wrong place


When I’m with the Cessna 208 I feel like an idiot parking at the wrong place for example in KLAX or EGLL. haha.

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Haha i have that to

Haha i have that also

I like this idea. Too many A380s spawning at GA ramps

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After so many grammar lessons… :-P

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I mistyped😠

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Now with the new layout of parking at KLAX, it’s the cargo gates people spawn at. It’s bad, but it beats the Commuter spot!

@Sudarshan_Mahesh, this would be a great addition! I’d save so much time rather than having to root through the inter web for the needed files. As the menu is currently at the brim of being full, I reckon an overhaul of the menu is necessary for this to work. An overhaul that I’d welcome massively. ;)

Like this idea. It will also help with overlapping planes in close parking spots.

Not sure why people take short cuts instead of flying from standard spawn points. I’m guessing that we have many ovine pilots out there! That’s baaa.d

Ok here’s a possibility. No the gate names cannot be bastardized to accommodate all this text. Maintaining such would also be horrendous. Besides we are struggling to even spell the name hanger. Why oh why do all the other editors spell it hangar I just don’t get it!

I could amend the web site to color code which aircraft are applicable. Now if a user deliberately selects a gate called GA for a A380 then what can one do?

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At an airport it is spelled “Hangar”. Your the person who is struggling xD but for real the definition of “hanger” (with an “e”) is;
▪️a person who hangs something.
▪️a shaped piece of wood, plastic, or metal with a hook at the top, from which clothes may be hung in order to keep them in shape and free of creases.

The editors are correct.

This is an issue if anything. People spewing a380’s at cargo ramps in LAX when they should be at TBIT

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This goes back to the issue of simulator v game. There are many who take as many short cuts as possible to get airborne as soon as possible wherever there is an active ATC. It is a bit like a flock of sheep all following each other. Not sure if you can ever fix this. I have noted before with planes lined up everyone waiting patiently. The ATC leaves then all hell breaks loose and everyone rushes to get airborne without regard to any standards just to get in reach of the ATC at the other end of the region. Without permanent ATC at every airport I am afraid that many pilots will not care about rules or standards.

Some times it is best to fly alone in a less populated area where one can takes ones time and simulate correctly.

Far from the madding crowds 😀

Lol nice one thats 😭😂


were you can vote for a idea

I hope the Infinite flight makers has read this:-)

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Yeah but if you spawn there, the A380 doesn’t fit