Gate Already Taken @ENGM

So I was testing a few things out for my event tomorrow and there happened to be another pilot spawned at the terminal at ENGM. When I went to spawn next to him it said “gate already taken”, that’s nothing new to me except the gate he was in can handle a heavy but he was a 737 so there was tons of room on both sides and when I tried to spawn next to him in my 737 it said it was already taken when it clearly wasn’t. I’m wondering if this is a problem at ENGM


We’re going to need a bit more information than just “I can’t spawn, there was a plane there but there’s a lot of room still”. If you could provide us with the gate numbers and the aircraft that you were attempting to spawn in, we’ll be able to take a look at it in more detail.

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Gate 48 was where the pilot was spawned in on a 737-800. I tried to spawn in to gate 50 on a 737-800 as well

From what I’m able to see, ENGM is receiving some rather extensive work, so this is an issue that’ll probably eventually be fixed when the editors are done with what they’re working on. We’ll address it internally if there are any issues further down the line.


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