Gate A12 @LGAV

Hey IFC! I was wondering where Gate A12 is in LGAV? I cannot seem to find it in IF. Thanks guys!

Hi all of the gates that are in a row go up in uneven number ex a5,a7, ,a9,a11

I know there are even gates irl, as it is shown that this irl flight is arriving at Gate A12. I am not sure if Gates A11 and A12 are combined.

Hi if you look using the airport function of the app you will see what I am talking about.

What do you mean?

Go to where you decide will you will spawn. Then go to the left of the airport with the long line of gates. If you try looking for even gates you can not find any.

Yes, I understand that, but it exists irl. I think it may be combined with like Gate A11, but I want someone who has been to that airport to confirm it.

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