Gate 418 at EIDW

Hey IFC! I am planning to fly KATL-EIDW and in order be realistic I am parking at Gate 418 in EIDW like they are doing irl. My only issue is that I can’t seem to find Gate 418. To my understanding I see that there are 2 floors of boarding gates, so I am not sure if Gate 418 is just called something else in the game. Thanks!

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Here it is

It’s an actual gate it’s not a stand.

Based on the last 2-3 flights, it appears it parks at gate 404

It is possible that the gate name is different airside or from a passenger’s perspective.

This means that gate 418 for a passenger might be Gate A23 for pilots (invented name).

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After digging for some information I see that Gate 418 is Gate 402 at EIDW. I just don’t know if it’ll be L, C, or R.

It’s usually C I believe

That’s what I was thinking also. Thanks for the help!