Gate 35x at dca in if

gate 35x is not in infinite flight so where do I spawn in at dca for gate 35x

also how do crjs park at gates

Well, it’s kind of hard to tell you where to spawn in a case like this since we don’t know what type of experience you are looking for - realistic, semi-realistic, etc.

That said, since Gate 35X is not present in Infinite Flight, Gate 34 would be your closest option.

In regards to your query about parking the CRJ, park it like any other aircraft. Bring the nose wheel up to its designated line on the ramp.


@bbhusty You’ll just have to at one of the other twelve 35 gates DCA has

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Gate 35 remote stands are all lettered in the north of the airport. Can’t you spawn at a gate that’s close to where the 35x should be?


Yep, as @KSS said, park at one of the 35’s, as that’s where CRJ’s are irl. 35X isn’t really a gate, so you can’t spawn there, it’s a bus terminal taking you to the remote 35’s.

i want maximum realism

@Drummer @Plane-Train-TV can provide some insight to KDCA ;)

my other question is because a crj is so low how do they park at a jet bridge

In real life, the AA CRJ’s are parked at the remote stands, north of the terminals 😉

Right now, jet bridges aren’t animated, but in the future, they will be able to do that and get to the CRJ level

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Well, Gate 35X no longer exists at DCA. It was taken out of operation just the other day in real life.

If you want to stick in that area, any of the similar stands would be fine. Alternatively, Gate 34, or similar gates, would satisfy.


if i was going to want to realistically use the new terminal where would i spawn

The new terminal isn’t available in Infinite Flight yet. Sometimes you will need to adjust to what is presented to you.

I can, however, assure you that the new terminal will be added to DCA in the future.

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