Garuda Indonesia Virtual is Now Closed Good Day


                       WELCOME TO GARUDA INDONESIA VA
                              THE AIRLINE OF INDONESIA

Website :
Join us :


We have 6 aircraft that you can acquire as you continue to rank up!
We are pilots that experiment while also maintaining a professional attitude!

Why choose us?

We are a small virtual company that is also thinking big!
With an expandable fleet in future updates, we will have more ranks you can work your way up to
As new pilots join they can get a feel of how the VA is growing!

A test every year!
A test will be issued to our pilots every year in order to help you remember the procedures for the Garuda VA and help retain your pilot skills!

                           FLEET AND RANKING SYSTEM

You must work your way up to those by flying a certain amount of hours. The amount of hours you need for each plane are listed below.
Check out our list of liveries below!

Rank 1 : Cadet 0 hour

Rank 2 : Second Officer upon reaching 10 hours

Rank 3 : First Officer upon reaching 25 hours

Rank 4 : Captain upon reaching 50 hours

Rank 5 : Senior Captain upon reaching 80 hours

Rank 6 : Commander upon reaching 130 hours


Looks great guys!!!

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Thank you very much sir

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Wow! Love the rank features of the ranks!

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Thanks you. See you soon ;)

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It’s been several days since I wonder why my VA is not in the IFVARB database while she was sertifying so I’m going to close this VA. If anyone can close this post thank you

Nooooo, it’s closef! :((

That’s normal don’t worry, just be patient. (if you are IFVARB approved)

I was in the database but after I was removed and more response from