Garuda Indonesia Virtual Group | We bring the beauty of the Archipelago to the World | Official 2021 Thread

Thanks a lot, @Citrusinabox, We are also delighted to have you in this VA! :D

Thanks, @Humai-Girl! We are happy to wait for your presence to join us! :D

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What a brilliant!! I’m so happy to be staff in GVG 😍😍

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Amazing job GVG! Def a very amazing thread. Wishing you the very best from us to you.

-@ANAVirtualGroup Staff Team

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My goodness @Syncline such a good job you did there! Looks amazing :)

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Very nice thread ! Best of luck for the future !

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Thank you so much @Irfan_Adikurniawan! We are pleased to have you on staff! Let’s work together to bring this VA in a better direction! Cheers mate!

Thank you so much @ANAVirtualGroup! We hope the same for your VA too! Take care and have a great one all! Cheers! :D

Thanks a lot @Alexandre! Cheers! :D

Thanks a lot @easyJetVirtual! We wish you all the best in the future too! Cheers.


Ohh, thank you so much, @Alexandre. I just helped make banners for this Thread, overall @Aviation-21, who has worked hard for this Thread. Anyways thanks for stopping by this thread, have a great day, Alex! Cheers!

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GVG's October Summary

Hi, community! Please allow us to submit a report for October.

The past 30 days were quite productive days for GVG. Forty-four pilots record 136 PIREPs with a total flying hour of 886 hours 21 minutes. In addition, there are 2x events and 3x Flash Flights held by the event manager and staff.

We appreciate the dedication of the pilots who have been quite active over the past 30 days in particular:

We look forward to welcoming you to GVG. We will warmly welcome you and take you to a new experience exploring the archipelago’s beauty.


Wuhuuuuuu thank youuu GVG 🥳🥳🥳🥳

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