Garuda Indonesia Virtual Group | We bring the beauty of the Archipelago to the World | Official 2021 Thread

Welcome to the Garuda Indonesia Virtual Group Thread

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At Garuda Indonesia Virtual, we aim to provide the best virtual flight sim experience for our pilots, providing a route network of over 400 routes. These consist partly of Garuda Indonesia Routes, but also include Citilink, Codeshare and Heritage Routes, using our MD-11. Additionally, we offer Flash Flights with staff members, weekly Skyteam Routes of the Week and events in partnership with Blaze Event Group.


Garuda Indonesia Virtual Group was originally founded in 2019 as Garuda Indonesia Virtual Airlines. Our founder, @Ozzy wanted to bring more attention to the Asian market, as at the time most Virtual Airlines were based in Europe and the US. Since then, Garuda Indonesia has turned into a small, but growing, virtual community. Eventually, after Ozzy decided to hand off his position, @Matt777 took over the CEO position. Most recently, we changed our name from Garuda Indonesia Virtual Airlines (GAVA) to Garuda Indonesia Virtual Group (GVG), as Citilink has become a part of our Virtual Group. Mid May 2022 @Sean_McCormack decided to relinquish his position as CEO and delegate the new CEO position to @Syncline.

Board of Directors
Position Staff Member
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) @Syncline
Chief Operating Officer (COO) @Irfan_Adikurniawan
Head of Internal Affairs @Citrusinabox
Head of External Affairs @Humai-Girl
Lower Management
Position Staff Member
Chief Pilot @Humai-Girl
Routes Manager VACANT
Co-PIREP Manager @Raiii
Event Manager @Crown
Social Media Manager VACANT

Recently we introduced a new, very extensive Rank structure, so flying for us will always be rewarding for our pilots. Each rank includes all the routes of the previous ranks plus the newly unlocked routes listed in the table below.

Rank Required Hours Routes Available
Cadet 0 hours Initial Test
Second Officer 0-15 hours GVG Routes under 1 hour
First Officer 15-40 hours GVG Routes under 3 hours
Sr. First Officer 40-100 hours GVG Routes under 5 hours + Unlock Skyteam ROTW
Captain 100-200 hours GVG Medium Haul Routes + Codeshare Routes under 6 hours
Sr. Captain 200-350 hours GVG Long Haul Routes under 12 hours + Codeshare Routes under 10 hours
Commander 350-500 hours All GVG Routes (Except Heritage & Delivery Routes) + All Codeshare Routes
Sr. Commander 500-700 hours All GVG Routes including Delivery Routes
Semeru 700-1000 hours All GVG Routes + Heritage Routes
Kerinci 1000-1500 hours All GVG Routes + Multi 1.25x
Rinjani 1500-2000 hours All GVG Routes + Multi 1.5x
Elite above 2000 hours All GVG Routes + Multi 2x + Previllage to host a Flash Flight

At Garuda Indonesia Virtual Group, we offer an extensive route network of over 400 routes. These range from short-haul domestic routes all the way to long haul routes, like Jakarta to Amsterdam. Additionally, we offer over 200 codeshare routes as well as an extensive Heritage Programme using our Retro Aircraft, the MD-11. Recently, we included Citilink, a Garuda Indonesia subsidiary in real life, into our operations, currently making up for about 70 routes. Check out our full Route Database here.

Garuda CRJ-1000 - PK-GRE

Fleet Size - 2

With two active aircraft in the fleet, the Bombardier CRJ-1000 doesn’t play a big role in Garuda Indonesia’s operations. However, there are 16 aircraft currently parked, allowing Garuda to increase the total fleet size to 18. PK-GRE is one of the 16 aircraft currently parked, however, we continue to use the airframe in the virtual skies. Being able to carry 96 passengers, the CRJX perfectly fits some of the smaller and less busy routes in our database.

Garuda CRJ-1000 - PK-GRA

Fleet Size - 2

Showcasing Garuda Indonesia’s Skyteam membership, PK-GRA is always a beautiful livery to spot. Although it is parked in real life, we won’t keep you from using these stunning colours in the virtual skies.

Garuda 737-800 - PK-GMR

Fleet Size - 18

The Boeing 737-800 is the backbone of the Garuda Indonesia Fleet. With 18 currently in service, it is the most present aircraft in the fleet, however, it was once at 51 airframes that were in operation, which means that 33 aircraft are currently in storage. PK-GMR is active in real life and just as active in our fleet, accounting for most of our PIREPs filed. Carrying 174 passengers, it is popular on busy domestic routes as well as international routes, being able to fly as far as Australia and Thailand.

Garuda A330-300 - Generic

Fleet Size - 6

Unfortunately, our Airbus A330-300 livery got removed with the 21.4 updates, however, we will continue to use the Airbus A330-300 in the Generic livery. With six aircraft currently in operation and a further five in storage, the A330-300 plays a vital role in Garuda Indonesia’s widebody operations.

Garuda A330-900neo - PK-GHE

Fleet Size - 1

Being the newest aircraft in our fleet, the Airbus A330-900neo is truly impressive, with it’s beautiful livery and “glasses”. With currently one in operation and two parked, it doesn’t play a huge role in our operations yet, however there are a further three on order, so a total of six aircraft should eventually arrive at Garuda Indonesia.

Garuda 777-300ER - PK-GIA

Fleet Size - 4

The largest aircraft in our fleet, the Boeing 777-300ER operates on international long haul routes like the longest route in our database, Jakarta to Amsterdam. With four currently in operation and a further six in storage, the 777 may not be a big fleet in size, but it is definitely an important aircraft in our fleet.

Garuda MD-11 - PK-GIJ

Historic Fleet Size - 18

The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is our Retro aircraft. Operating solely on our Heritage program, it covers mostly multi-stop routes from Indonesia to Europe and North America. All of these routes were once operated in real life when the MD-11 was in the Garuda Indonesia fleet and now we make them available to our highest ranks.

Citilink A320 - Generic

Fleet Size - 30

With 30 aircraft and 11 parked, the Airbus A320 is the most important member of Citilinks fleet. Although it will eventually be replaced by the newer Airbus A320neo, we will still see Citilink operate the ceo (current engine options) for a lot of years to come. Unfortunately, we don’t have the Citilink livery in Infinite Flight, however, you can vote for its addition here, and until it gets added we will continue to operate the Generic livery.

Citilink A330-900neo - PK-GYA

Fleet Size - 1

Thanks to the addition of the Citilink Airbus A330-900neo, we finally have the beautiful green livery of Citilink in Infinite Flight. Although there is only one A330neo in service today, there is another one parked read to go. With our small fleet of Citilink A330neos we operate some interesting charter flights, for example to China or the US.

Skyteam Virtual Alliance

Skyteam Virtual Alliance Tail

Skyteam Alliance, founded in August of 2018 by Air France-KLM and Delta Virtual. Skyteam has been the dream of the leadership of the two Virtual Airlines since the conception of Infinite Flight’s Global Update in 2017 and has grown to include six great VA’s on Infinite Flight. The Skyteam Alliance has flourished behind the scenes with the integration of AF-KLM and DLVA into a centralized Discord, with new Sky Team VA’s joining the force.
Behind the backing of our partnership, Sky Team continues the longest route agreement between VA’s for weekly routes posted based on the IFATC schedule. Garuda Indonesia is part of Skyteam Virtual, bringing weekly Routes of the Week as well as Friday Night Flight Routes including a special 1.5x Flight Time Bonus to our pilots.

Meet the Skyteam Virtual Alliance

Apart from our collaboration with @SkyTeamIFC’s Airlines, GVG also has several partnerships with other VAs. Check our full list of partners below:

VA Partners

VA Partnership

Garuda Indonesia Virtual Group uses a new platform for our Crew Center, Flare by VANet. Learn more about our modern Crew Center in the drop-down!

Flare Crew Center

On behalf of GVG Staff want to personally say thank you to @KaiM & @rebal15 for creating probably the most reliable, easy to use, and outstanding crew center. In early 2021, the GVG staff team decided to use Flare as the new Crew Center for Garuda Indonesia Virtual Group.


“Flare is a Crew Center that is very easy to use, although there are still some airport ICAOs that are still not covered by the VANet Database with one way or another adjustment everything can run smoothly until now.”

@Syncline, CEO of GVG

“Flare operation is very easy, especially in managing the PIREP of each pilot.”

@Irfan_Adikurniawan, COO of GVG

“At first it all looks confusing, but everything is very easy to use, since using our Flare pilots no longer have to calculate our total flight time if we have to add a multiplier.”

@CamelGuy, Active GVG Pilot

Flare by VANet


Great job GVG! I’m proud to be a part of this VA! Hopefully, we can be better in the future.

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Thank you so much! We will always be happy to welcome you to our VA!

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