Garuda Indonesia Virtual Airline || "We are the wings of Garuda" || Official Thread

Garuda Indonesia Virtual Airline

Welcome to Garuda Indonesia Virtual Airline official thread. The Virtual Airline of Indonesia. IFVARB certified.
With our Mission, be the number one and largest active VA in IFC, managed by professionalism and realism. We will provide professional and excellent services for all aspect of our related parties.

About Us
As you know, Garuda Indonesia Virtual Airline has been created by one of the IFC member. But its status was “inactive” in the IFVARB database.
So, we are the GAVA staffs want to re-create it. With the new concept, professional management system, and friendly community.
We believe that our VA could be a place to learn, having fun, and sharing together. We put respect to another above all.
Let’s start the journey.

GAVA Staff

CEO, Website Administrator : @Andri_Sepat
QA , Website Creator & Administrator : @nicoustic
Member Admin, Flight Validator : @Timbal_No
Flight Validator : @andhi15
QA, Media Designer : @ilhambuchori
Event Manager : @Ari_Setiawan
Event Planner : @Abd_JaBbar

GAVA Operation

Recruitment Process
We are open to all Infinite Flight players (which use original application and not suspect use hack/carding or banned from IFC).
After the pilots sign up here they will receive an email with link to join our Discord channel and Callsign to login into our PIREPs system.
They will approved as a Cadet (Trainee). In this level, pilot must finish their first 10 flight hours and then do some written test and practical test. If they’re passing the test, they will be joining with our VA in the Junior Pilot Level.


New Entry Level

  • Cadet (Trainee) (Tr) (0 Hours)

Junior Level

  • Second Officer (SO) (10 Hours)
  • First Officer (FO) (25 Hours)
  • Senior First Officer (SrFO) (45 Hours)

Senior Level

  • Captain (Cpt2) (70 Hours)
  • Captain Commander (Cpt1) (100 Hours)

In the Pilot Level (Junior & Senior) the grading for promotion or demotion will not only be judged by flight hours. We will calculate all aspect of their contribution to our VA such as Flight Time, Flight Bidding, Flight Frequency, On Time Flight Schedule, Attitude, and Etc. Our grading will determine their promotion or demotion on our ranksystem. (Will be updated when the grading criteria is fixed.)


In the region mode, we operates in 10 region. Every detail of “routes” and “flight number” can be seen in our PIREPs web system. Click here to see it. Will be changed as closely as possible to Garuda Indonesia Routes in the real world when global comes.


Our VA try to provides the fleets as closely as Garuda Indonesia have in the real world.
-Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (Generic)
-Boeing 717-200 (Generic)
-Boeing 737-700 (Generic)
-Boeing 737-800 (Garuda Indonesia)
-Airbus A320 (Generic)
-Airbus A330 (Generic)
-Boeing 747-400 (Generic)
-Boeing 777-300 ER (Garuda Indonesia)

The detail of our fleet number can be seen here.

Training Program

We will train our staff to manages our VA professionally and our pilot to basic aircraft controlling, ATC basic instruction, and how to behave and respect to another pilot. Training and event will be held periodically.
We also try to cooperate with other person/group that have more good experience and expertise in IF or even in real world aviation. For now we have in touch with our friends, Senior in IFPI (Infinite Flight Pro Indonesia) to create a Professional Training Program for our VA, IFFI (Infinite Flight Fans Indonesia), and IFPI. We will try to do it in IFC or other community or fans group like IFFG and etc. The detail will be updated if the programs is fixed.

Communication & Management

We use Discord app to manage and communicate with our Staff & Pilot. For the PIREPs we modified Virtual Airline Manager (VAM) web system that will accomodate our VA pilot management. We believe that VAM will very effective on Global Flight.

Thank you for visiting our thread. Any queries? sent us an email to or contact our staff. Keep tracking us for any improvement updates.

Join Us! Feel the real Pilot Experience. Sign up here.
Discover more, please visit our website :

Note : IF GAVA is not affiliated with the real world Garuda Indonesia Airline. All trademarks and logos remain property of their respective owners


Looks like such a great VA! I love it! If you could change up the catagory to #live:va That would be perfect! Thanks :)


Thanks, @Cpt_Chris.
I’m sorry, i don’t remind the category. It has been changed.


Looking forward for Garuda Indonesia Virtual Airline’s future. All the best for GAVA, you have my full support as an Indonesian 😉


I recommend you check with GIA (IRL) whether you can use their logos. Its better to confirm in case they have any qualms with it.

Best of luck!


Now thats an interesting mission. Good luck with that.


Actually in Indonesia, Copyrights aren’t that strict compared to other foreign nations around Indonesia so I think it won’t be a big deal for GAVA 😉

This is also the reason why plagiarism is a common thing to see in here…

Although copyrights aren’t enforced in Indonesia, It would be appreciated if you can send an email to one of Garuda Indonesia’s email to seek a permission to use it 😉


I was going to join until I saw that you use discord! None the less, it looks really neat and professional!


Yups,thanks for yor recommendation…😁
Actually i’ve contacted a person of real GIA for permission to use their logo. And we haven’t finished it.
But for now, I think our disclaimer (Note) is enough to solve it.
We will look for the best solution if something happens that doesn’t meet our expectations.


Thank you so much for your support George…
Looking forward for a chance to cooperate with you… 😁👍


None the less, it looks really neat and professional!

Thanks for that.😁👍

Is there any problem with the discord?
Actually our discord is just used for communication and upload the screenshot of IF when the pilot finished their flight.
The flightlog will be recorded in our Pirep web system. You can see it here.
We have been used slack before, but some of my staff have a problem with the notification.


Come and join with us!!


It looks pretty good and very profesional, the best of luck.



Awesome looking thread! I love the Infinite Flight logo on the photo. It looks like the Skyteam logo! Good luck with your VA!


We’re Hiring New Staff

As you know that global will coming soon. We are now open recruitmment for staff position to prepare for all global things.
Come join us! to build a greater Virtual Airline.
For the detail of the job description, can be seen here.

Update of our VA
Pirep Stats

Fill the application below to submit for Staff position :


I want to be a pilot


You want to be a pilot in many va’s


Ok. I will do…

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Sorry for the inconviniences, this is the correct link. Please apply from the site linked above 😉


Ok… I’ll go now hope i get to be a pilot