Garuda Indonesia VA

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Hello, this is garuda Indonesia virtual (IFGAVA)
Iam Omar Mustafa As Known CaptainTrapbeats

Iam the Owner Of IFGAVA

We Fly :
777-300ER heavy
737-800 medium

garuda Indonesia Is The Airline Of Indonesia

i know Indonesian People Make IFFI (infinite Flight Fans Indonesia)
And I want To Make And Airline Virtual one
Based on Me
Iam Indonesian.

This VA Was Created on 6 May 2016 (new VA)

And The Original garuda Indonesia is Founded on 1 August 1947 as KLM Interinsulair Bedrijf

our Routes :

Kuala Lumpur & Singapore: (Base) until dev make Indonesian region

  • WSSS-WMKK ( and back )
  • WMKK-WSSS ( and Back )

​​​Southern California:

  • KSDM-KLAX ( and Back )
  • KLAX-KNUC ( and Back )
  • KSAN-KLAX ( and Back )
  • KPSP-KLAX ( and Back )
  • KONT-KSAN ( and Back )

Sydney, Australia:

  • YSSY-YSCB ( and Back )
  • YSCB-YSSY ( and Back )

For More Info Go Check :

Thank you for your interest

And Thank You For Flying With Garuda Indonesia :)


Good well done @CaptainTrapBeats

Thanks for making a gardia Indonesia someone sh make a Malaysian airline

It’s Garuda Indonesia

Maybe Najib can make it

Lord of the Ringgits!

Don’t do KNUC.

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Why? dont do KNUC?

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KNUC is a military airfield. The island is a SEAL training area and the ocean near it is a test range.


okay dowkay

Besides, Garuda doesn’t fly there.

Maybe original VAs do but real life VAs shouldn’t

This VA looks very promising. Good luck :)

Thank You So much! :) :D

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I’m interested in Joining.

great! join us!

OK I’m currently in Makassar with no real good connection so i might have to depend on my data.

Allright :D

I’m interested in joining

okay I will contact him

Thanks a lot:)


first of all i would say thank you so much to Capt. Omar for making this VA.

glad to have Garuda Indonesia VA being come true.
i really want to join this VA.

I already submit the application form.
it will be nice if i can join on personal chat / group for further info.

Terima Kasih.

Evan Albert (