Garuda Indonesia to launch direct flight between Jakarta - Moscow in August 2017
That’s a pretty naive decision! Considering many Asian airlines have suspended their flights to Moscow. But I wish all the best for the upcoming route. Garuda is pretty naive lately since they announced to launch CGK-NRT-LAX flights. Share your thoughts about this decision!


Is there any large business, political, or economic ties that would make this route worthwhile? The only aircraft I could see GA using for this is a 77W because of range, which would be very hard to fill up without demand for such a route…


GA is going to use A332 rather than B77W on this route based from one of the sources.

That’s a really long flight for an A332…

Any idea on how this route would be filled up?

Will they use Domededovo?

It doesn’t specify, however I would say that Sheremetyevo would be more likely, considering it would be better for connections onto SU.

The fact that there using the A332 makes sense, if it has the range why not? It’s not gonna be the most popular route and personally I think the 777 is too big

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