Garuda Indonesia Lets You Design a Mask Livery for Its Aircraft

Fly Your Design Through the Sky

Thought this would be worth posting considering there’s a lot of talented people who can design airline liveries.

To promote the usage of face masks, Garuda Indonesia has painted a face mask on one of their Airbus A330-900neos registered as PK-GHG.

Along with this special livery, Garuda has announced a competition where you can submit a face mask livery design and possibly get selected to have your design on one of Garuda’s aircraft in real life.

Garuda will select the best four entries:

The Competition:

The English Translation:

Basic Rules:

  • You must design a Garuda Indonesia livery with a “patterned” face mask. You’re given a template so you don’t need to worry about Garuda’s tail and logo.
  • Both sides of the aircraft must feature the text “Ayo Pakai Masker” which means “Let’s Wear a Mask”.
  • You can only use these colors to design the mask:


  • You must design the face mask livery using their Boeing 737-800 template (go to the link below to get the template):

  • Side note: Garuda requires you to have a right, left, and front facing angle of the mask livery. However, at the moment the download only offers the right and left angles, so they may need to change that soon.

The competition lasts between October 1 and October 31, 2020. The four winners are announced on these dates:

  • Winner Announcement 1: October 9, 2020
  • Winner Announcement 2: October 16, 2020
  • Winner Announcement 3: October 23, 2020
  • Winner Announcement 4: November 8, 2020

Source/Image Credits

Top image:


As mentioned above, the main prize is having your design featured on one of Garuda Indonesia’s real Boeing 737s.

  • Additionally, you will win “1 (one) Garuda Indonesia Business Class round-trip ticket (tax included) or 2 (two) round-trip tickets Garuda Indonesia Economy Class (tax included) that can be used on all domestic routes with a maximum distance of Jakarta”

For all of the rules, the 737 template, and any questions, visit Garuda Indonesia’s website:

What are your thoughts on Garuda’s special livery and this competition?

Obviously, if you’re planning on entering, I wouldn’t recommend posting your submission here. Good luck if you’re planning to compete.


Honestly, sounds pretty cool!

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I will try this! May as well 😂


Is there an age limit I need to be aware of? I couldn’t seem to find one.

No, they didn’t required age limit. Which means everybody can submit their design…


This reminds me of when Alaska Airlines hosted a drawing contest for their “Spirit of the Islands” livery.

I might give it a go.


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