Garuda Indonesia Incident Near Jakarta!

Wishing the Crew member a quick recovery!

A Garuda Indonesia Airbus A330-200, registration PK-GPO performing flight GA-717 from Melbourne,VI (Australia) to Jakarta (Indonesia) with 187 passengers and 13 crew, was enroute at FL380 neer DEENO waypoint (S21.585 E131.215) about 3 hours into the flight when a refrigerator in the middle galley blew out causing a metal part to hit a flight attendant into the face. The aircraft continued to Jakarta where the aircraft landed safely about 4 hours later


Oh no, that’s bad


Was the refrigerator manufactured by Takata Inc?

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Ehh just imagine the pain

No doubt. Hope the flight attendant makes a full recovery.


I cut my leg open on a railing and it hurt like hell, after a few minutes the pain died away. Guessing this is what happened

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Hope the flight attendant is ok and makes a full recovery. Cough cough speaking of Takata have you heard of this?

Oh no! I think Garuda should change their refrigator to prevent this incident in the future. And Takata has a bad reputation indeed these days

Btw, Can you give us the source of the story? I can’t find the article about it even in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language)

Edit : The incident happened on Saturday, 22-8-2015 (More than a year ago). No wonder it’s really hard to find it. Based on the article that I’ve found, The incident took place when the pantry in front of the Business Class row exploded, It’s a wine chiller. A stewardess named Ayu Marta was hurted on this incident. Luckily, there were 2 doctors onboard the flight so they can gave her a quick medical attention.


No wonder I’ve never heard of it =/

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Oh yes I’m quite familiar. I have just under 600 new airbag inflator modules at my work, about 250 old Takata ones ready to be shipped back.

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