Garuda Indonesia CEO fired after smuggling Harley Davidsons onboard ferry flight

Garuda Indonesia, a proud member of SkyTeam and was once banned from landing in Europe. However, what is also banned is bringing in Harley Davidsons on a brand new A330neo without paying taxes. Garuda’s CEO, however, though he could evade these “laws”.

I Gusti Ngurah Askhara Danadiputra, the now-former CEO of Garuda Indonesia purchased a Harley Davidson Shovelhead in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in April this year before transferring it France to put it on one of the aircraft’s new A330neo aircraft that was being ferried from Toulouse, France to Jakarta, Indonesia. After arrival at Jakarta, immigration officials found the items which included the motorbikes, folding bikes as well as 13 other items. There was no recorded cargo onboard the flight and if the CEO had declared the goods he would have been up for a $AUD55,000 bill in import taxes. Garuda wasn’t too keen on making the info public and claimed they owned the items. The CEO was stood down by the government as the airline is state-owned.

Garuda Indonesia is currently in the process of receiving their order of 14 A330neo’s to replace their ageing A330-200 and A330-300 fleet. The neo’s offer increased fuel efficiency and contain most onboard features as seen on the new A350 aircraft.

PK-GHE, the aircraft in which the goods were smuggled on full image credit


Good news the current CEO has been fired. Hopefully Garuda will be on right hands soon, the airline has gone downhill eversince he assumed the position (Including his weird decisions of axing Jakarta-Amsterdam and London flight and instead started European routes out of nowhere)

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