Garuda Indonesia Cargo Livery - A330-300 (Preighter)

Hi Community,

Since the Developer released the rework update for the Airbus 330-300, we can no longer see the Garuda Indonesia Livery on this type of aircraft. In the infinite flight, previously we could see the Garuda Indonesia Livery with PK-GPA Aircraft Registration.

In Real Life, the PK-GPA is no longer a passenger aircraft, but a Preighter (Passenger-Freighter) Aircraft. This step was taken by Garuda Indonesia to support the Indonesian government in dealing with COVID-19 cases that occurred in Indonesia and also to support the business wheels of Garuda Indonesia’s subsidiary, Garuda Indonesia Cargo.

What I have explained above made me think of making this livery request thread.

Source: PK-GPA | Airbus A330-341 | Garuda Indonesia | Ka Hung Yue | JetPhotos

As additional information, this livery is not only on PK-GPA but also on PK-GPD, so overall currently Garuda Indonesia has 2 Official Preighters with Livery Cargo on the plane.

Why does this Livery have to exist and maybe be added to Infinite Flight?

  • This livery can replace the position of the Garuda Indonesia Livery on the Airbus 330-300 which has been removed by the Devs after the new update reworks A330-300.
  • In real life, Garuda Indonesia still uses Airbus 330-300 in its fleet, unlike some other airlines which no longer use this type of aircraft.
  • This livery is not much different from the Garuda Indonesia livery on the previous PK-GPA, the difference is only in the addition of the words “CARGO” and the placement of the Logo and airline name under the words CARGO followed by the placement of the website of Garuda Indonesia Cargo.

I hope someday this livery can be on Infinite Flight and hopefully, many people from IFC will also want this livery. Finally, I say thank you very much to all of you and hope you are always in good health.


For me it’s a nice livery, if this livery came out it would be fun to have domestic cargo flight or international flight to neighboring country. Voted!


Good Livery for me, so i choose voted !

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Thanks for you vote!

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Thanks for your vote, Dov! 🍻

yeah this livery is very nice
i would love to see this in IF!

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Yeah! One more vote, Thanks a lot @Ritesh321.

This livery is still possible to be added by the Devs because specifically there are only slight differences on the right and left sides of the plane with the old PK-GPA. Fingercross!


Defo will vote for this one

Wow, the Livery is really good. Maybe this livery can be added as a replacement for the previous PK-GPA livery

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Thanks for your vote, Thifal!

I’ Vote. Because the livery is really cool

Thanks for your vote! Really appreciate it!


Voteeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd thiiiiiuussssss


Thanks mate for your vote!

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oh this is a nice livery, it’s would be nice have this on IF


Would be lovely for sure, it can also be decided bringing back PK-GPA into the Sim as Preighter or GPD 😆


I voted this livery


Wait why “Preighter?” 😂

Because it’s a Passanger aircraft that has converted into a Freighter Aircraft :)
Maybe the this article can explain you more 😅

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