Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-800 "SkyTeam" logo and corrected Indonesian flag position

I know this will be the most minor thing I’ve request on Infinite Flight Community, Though minor, it would add realistic to Infinite Flight. Since GA B738 on Infinite Flight Appeared before Garuda joined SkyTeam. Today, many Garuda’s B738 added a SkyTeam logo on the front of the fuselage. (Which moved the Indonesia flag to the upper left of the Garuda Indonesia logo) One of them is PK-GMR, Garuda’s B738 on Infinite Flight:

Picture isn’t mine, Credits to dany_putranto
I know this won’t be the priority of the devs, but maybe they can improve it on Reworked B737 in the future.

  • It’s a Good Idea
  • Maybe, It’s a good idea
  • Just keep it like the present one
  • It’s a useless idea

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PS : Please don’t judge me for requesting this kind of Minor things ^-^"


don’t worry I requested a Delta 757 with a mustache. I see this is a good idea.


Thanks Bulba for your opinion, I don’t want to see this topic like when I requested a KLM Asia Livery :)

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Hope will be great 2nd livery.

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You can compare the differences with the current one ;)
There are 2 differences that I noted :

  • No SkyTeam logo
  • Indonesian Flag located on the front of the fuselage

ahh ok now i hve understand u, 🙈 ok i wll be changed my comment.🙈

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PK GMR not PK GRM and yes we need the Skyteam logo since Garuda joined Skyteam 2 years ago.

Oh yes, Thanks for the correction!

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Just noticed that helicopter in the background 😂😂😂😂

Yap! It’s Also a Nice addition if this got added

@TheRedeemer I don’t even noticed it :P, I just relise it when you Said it 😂

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don’t worry, I Requested birds with pepsi can, I see this is a good idea™

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Sorry for necroposting this again, But I think this will be a necessary addition and fix for both Garuda’s B777-300ER and B737-800 on the simulator as Garuda liveries were made before Garuda joined SkyTeam. I know it’s pretty minor but I think it would be good to have this

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Won’t be voting for this, as it is a very minor detail, but I agree it takes no time and it adds realism.

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