Garuda Indonesia Airbus A330-300


Picture isn’t Mine
Credits to @melbournetullamarine
Would love to see this aircraft in IF :)
Not to be confused with A332 version. for A332 version, Click here


I LOVE the colors! :)


yes, my 2nd faves colours, Singapore will be also happy with more Garudaa.


And, this Aircraft also Can be used on Singapore-KL Region and Sydney Region


Both Region need first more Home Aircrafts and all Aircrafts wlcome. 👮🏼✈️✈️✈️ SKSI (Singapore&Kuala Sydney International) 😜


Yeah, and Upcoming Global Flight! ;)

Changed the photo because of better resolution


Am fancy how view the Global Flight next Updates.
no worries for resolution, more likes are important. 🤓👍🏼👍🏼👮🏼😀😎✈️


Was about to request this -.-


We definetly need this aircraft including a rework for the a330!

and much much more liveries too!


Please don’t necropost.

                   this one should be on IF !!  like it


Just remove a vote and put it here. fingers crossed.
hopefully it will come with the rework of the A330, someday…


I love this Livery so much. If this livery comes out i can conduct a long haul flight without much worries about fuel because A330 has efficiency with fuel due to position of fuel tank. It’s better than B777-300 ER can do
Uploading… Uploading…


I love Garuda Indonesia so much 😍 i hope they will add this


I hope this livery added to next update


I hope they will add this livery, i would be soo happy if they add this


Yes, I would love to see this livery in IF.


Indeed !! The colours is so beautiful 😍


Amazing colours 😍
I hope they will add this… @Jonathan_limento


Yup, it would be nice to see Garuda’s livery on A333s. So we will have more diverse options in Infinite Flight