Garuda Indonesia A339

hello, two little problems with the paint


The GARUDA brand logo is in the wrong color, see the images, the SKYTEAM logo is also missing.

Looks quite the same to me. Bear in mind that colors may at times look different on different devices, and depending on display settings.


this looks strange, i took the 777 to see it’s different

in the colors of the logo, I mean dark blue


That’s a lot clearer and visible.

On the real plane it’s dark blue

On the plane in IF it is light blue

The only thing lacking from the GAruda Indonesia livery on the a339 is the Skyteam logo on the side of the first door and the RR logo on the engine, imo a little colour difference in the logo, not that big of a deal.


yes, that’s why I say they are small mistakes, but it’s still a mistake :)

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I just realized why there is no skyteam logo on his head

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