Garuda Indonesia A330-200

Picture isn’t mine
Credits :
Love to see This Livery in Infinite Flight :)


Great to see people creating seperate A330-200 requests. Because of recent changes.

Love this livery!


I Like it too!

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That’s not a word. You might want to fix it.


The centered text isn’t something I like very much, the tail looks beautiful with the different shades of blue along with the sharklets(?) and the logo looks pretty cool! I love it!

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I wish the A330-200 was on IF


The logo was designed by Landor Associates, and It’s Beautiful indeed

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Give it in Retro liveries? I would love to see next Update a lot of Retro liveries. 🙂

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Amazing livery, I hope the’ll add the A330-200 with this livery

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I Hope so! But I think it’s still a long time to go :(

I can’t wait for this plane to be flown alongside with the existing 77W (cmiiw)… @CaptainTrapBeats may or may not be happy 😂

A330-200 garuda indonesia? I really in love with that plane :D

Erm this is the A332

Typo, ikr 😅😅

And you haven’t edited your reply yet after realizing your typo mistake 😂

But both are still beautiful ;)

Yea… We can hog North Remote Apron to take photo together with GIA planes :3

When the livery fits the aircraft just right.

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If the A330 200 is added to IF with this livery then I’ll have to get it.

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After a while the livery seems too bright with too much white.

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