Garuda Douglas DC-8-50

I’m in the mood for some DC-8s tonight.

Loving the tail logo. Not over-pretentious, but still classy

Image credit:,_Garuda_Indonesia_JP6839308.jpg


Would be nice to have

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Would love to see Garuda’s retro livery ;)
And, the photo was took on Kai Tak airport

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RI001 is the priority, number one indonesian plane that flew arround the world

I thought so too! But we should wait as the actual aircraft isn’t even in IF yet

I thought DC-3 named “Seulawah” is the first ;)

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He’s been emphasizing it a lot recently and RI001 happens to be the tail number

RI001? Please enlighten me as to what this is?

Hope you saw this.

The tail number for the aircraft in this request is PK-GJD…

He was talking about the DC-3, which is the actual first aircraft for Garuda Indonesia.

I think RI001 isn’t a tail number though. Indonesian reg. Codes are always started with “PK” (Or Netherland’s PH during colonization)

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Stay on topic, this is for the DC-8.

Quoted from previous one

Yea well I don’t know much but you should argue with @CaptainTrapBeats privately if necessary as he was the one who emphasized it in the IFSIAVA Slack

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Okay" 😄… I’ll stop it ;)

But, tbh I missed the “Indonesian Airways” font 😭

Lol somehow you reminded me of that “GIA-SIA merger” photo you sent to me earlier on via PM 😂

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Better to continue it on PM to avoid flags like @Sturmovik said ;)

(I think @CaptainTrapBeats meant the flight number)

Old style Garuda font and the flag made me nostalgic with Old age-Garuda Jets. Though I missed the Previous-Landor livery too

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Back on topic eh? Fine! Haha

I thought the DC-8 looked like an A321 with Boeing-type windscreen 😂