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Are you using ForeFlight simply for Infinite Flight, or are you using it for real world flying as well?

It depends on your situation and will not matter what others have.

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I will use it only for Infinite Flight.

Then you’d probably be best off with the cheaper sub plan. You won’t need all of the bells and whistles that the real world pilots would end up using. Financially its a wiser decision.

Yeah, I’ve looked over the features for the higher priced ones and decided against it. SynViz looks cool but, yeah not that cool…

The only problem is i need to get an Ipad. Is it possible to use ForeFlight also on notebook?

Nope. It will only work on an iOS device. A community member made the mistake of purchasing a subscription but didn’t realize it was iOS only when all they had was Android. With that said, its fair to say that its been tested. 😅


Isn’t there a monthly subscription for ForeFlight? Next month I’ll be flying from Amsterdam.

BTW, I don’t know how ForeFlight works.

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