Garmin Pilot

Thanks, what is better foreflight or garmin pilot? And do i need to pay for garmin pilot?

Yes, you need to pay for Garmin Pilot:


  • Standard: €109,99,-
  • Premium Upgrade: €54,99,-


  • Standard: €79,99,-
  • Premium Upgrade: €79,99,-


  • Standard: €79,99,-
  • Premium Upgrade: €79,99,-

The prices are in Euro. I don’t know which currency you’d need.

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You do get a 30 Day Free trial with both though

Is this worth buying? I should also than get a new device for the app, example Ipad.

So I would go and talk to @Trio about ForeFlight… Trio loves that app and he can tell you every pro and con about it. According to him, it’s worth it.

It’s a lot of money. I don’t use it, because I don’t it’s unnecessary, there are some apps incoming which are a look-a-like of the Garmin Pilot and ForeFlight.

This project is in the releasing stage of Android, iOS is in the developing stage
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Whaaat Garmin has a pilot/weather app!?
I thought it was solely health and watches (I have a garmin watch)

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Garmin is one of the main manafactures of avionics, gps for planes, boats and handheld etc and i believe also make some radar in addition to their watches which they only started making recently.

Ah interesting,surpsirsed I didn’t know that a long time ago lol

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Garmin ?!?!? That stuff ain’t cheap!

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What does this mean? If i buy Europe then i get only europe map and charts? But if i want to fly from EDDF-KSFO for expl. then what?

For ForeFlight:

You have to think about how much you’ll use it. How much do you fly, how much do you control. Go into the app store or play store and look at your past purchases and subscriptions in the past 1 year or so that you have or made. You’ll quickly realize you spend a lot of money on things you don’t use. Now divide the yearly price by 12 for the most basic plan which is $99 year. You’ll be paying $8.25 a month, less dawnting now? That’s insane for the amount of depth it adds to the sim, I wouldn’t fly without it.

On which device do you use ForeFlight?

And which device for IF?

I use an iPad for ForeFlight and an iPhone for Infinite Flight. You could also use an iPad for Infinite and an iPhone for ForeFlight. Here’s the “number of devices” restrictions.

Keep in mind, there’s a free trial when you download the app, so just try it and explore all the features…

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I play IF currently on galaxy s8 so i need to buy a new ipad 9.7 2018.

Which subscription should i get for ForeFlight.I know there is 3 of them. Which one do you have?

I have the ForeFlight Basic Plus USA, which is $99 a year.

Are you using ForeFlight simply for Infinite Flight, or are you using it for real world flying as well?

It depends on your situation and will not matter what others have.

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I will use it only for Infinite Flight.