Garmin Emergency Autoland

So Garmin have developed an Emergency Autoland procedure. In my opinion it’s an amazing piece of technology that allows passengers to land the plane if the pilot becomes incapacitated.
By pressing a switch the plane will enter Autoland and will search for the nearest suitable airport considering weather, terrain and then when it has set the airport it will pick the best runway to use taking into consideration the wind, it will also contact ATC informing them that the plane is heading there set the squawk to 7700 and will control the planes throttles, flaps, lower the gear and brakes when it lands.

What an amazing piece of technology.

Here are a couple of videos of the technology in action.

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@JerseyAnt… MaxSez: Great Post, here’s a follow up;



Looks like another move in the safety of aviation. It’s amazing what technologies can be created nowadays.


pilots are probably just gonna be lazy and flip the switch before going to sleep 😂

but yeah it’s an important piece of technology that will save lives in the future.

Thanks Max. Yeah it’s a massive safety advancement for aviation. One day it might be installed on commercial aircraft or a system like it.

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It seems interesting. I think though that its an amazing piece of technology but I am unaware if passengers will completely know of its existence in the aircraft.

That’s probably just as illegal as pulling the fire alarm for no reason

I’m guessing they would be briefed about it before take off.
If I was a nervous passenger in a GA knowing that the plane had this system installed would make me feel a lot more at ease.

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