Gap near the 787-9's wingtip

Hey, as I was taking the screenshot for this post: New Camera View

I noticed a gap where the wingtip joins the wing on the 787-9. Here are some screenshots:

I’m not quite sure if the 788 or the 787-10 have it. Is it like this in the real Dreamliner? Post your thoughts below…

(P.S. I don’t know if this fits into a different category)


This could be the aileron, I have the 789, so I’m just as curious as you are :)


It’s not the aileron, as you can tell by the second picture… 🤔

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I don’t know my 787’s lol, A320’s, that’s another story :)

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I have one question. Sometimes I see those little black spikes on wings of winglets. What are they?

Static discharges…

The picture looks totally irrelevant but click the link anyway :)

Oh I’ve heard of those before but I never knew those were them

Me either, I just googled: “black spike things on wingtip of planes” 🤣

I think he is not talking about the static discharges. You can see that there is a gap from the leading edge to the trailing edge, like the entire Wingtip is a few centimeters lower than the rest of the aircraft

Zoom in and it clearly a bug. This is not the outboard aileron. @Aussie_Wombat, does it appear after you reboot your device?

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I’ll reboot my device now and I’ll check it.

I rebooted and it’s still there, if you have the 789 do the same and please tell me if it happens to you.

It’s a bug.


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Known issue. :)