Gap above the 737 800Engine

When I was flying today I noticed a gab in the 737 engine


This happens sometimes. A fix might be to re-load the game, setting your graphics to a different setting, clearing your cache, restarting your device, etc.

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How do ye notice some of the most minute graphical issues?

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I’m just really good for detail 🙂

Did the steps above solve the problem?

How on earth did you see that?

on Boeing 777 and 757, if you fly inside, then there are whole holes in the roof or on the sides.

I saw the same thing in 3 different devices.


I’ll let you know very soon doing a flight later

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I’ve just noticed that the engines are uneven look at the lines


People sometimes forget that this is a mobile device. Stuff like this happens- not pretty, but it happens.

Good eye, nonetheless:)

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No the steps unfortunately didn’t work just back in the 737 the gap still there.

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It’s just a visual glitch, no big deal. Not much you can do to fix it. Just don’t worry about it :)

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I see what you’re talking about, as I’m looking at it in the game rn. I’m afraid it’s just the way the aircraft was developed. I don’t think there’s a fix to it.

Thanks for the report. Minor model issues like this are common and will be addressed when they can. It has been logged internally.


Thanks so much @Chris_S really appreciate it ☺️😃

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