_GamingXP20_VATSIM’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

People who I have seen before yes. I’m not tagging more than 20 people.

Ahh yeah okay, maybe they’re sleeping

ahhh yeah thats truee

Closing at 5:00PM. 0600z. Will do another session at some time same airport.

May you please stop tagging me. Thank you (:

Alright I will NEVER tag you! All good :)

Session is closed at YBCG…Can’t Wait for that region update to come out, us Australians will feel appreciated. See you all next time, hopefully seeing people and not the waves of the oceans!


I was asleep sorry.

I figured. Australia’s time zones is one of the worst for as most people are likely to live in either America or Europe areas.

For me I can’t be doing late ATC which is helpful as people can come in but bad as it’s late for me.

All good mate.


I might host a session again sometime this week, just gotta choose probably a more common airport for aircraft to be at alone as most people ignore the other small airports

if a mod views this message from the time when this thread is still active could you please close it or delete it. thank you.

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