GamingWarrior2.8’s ATC Tracking Thread (Closed)

So ive noticed that KBOS/Logan International never has ATC. So, for this reason I will be ATC for ground and tower July 22 at 6pm ET. This will be on Training server.

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It might be a good idea to make (or turn this one into) a tracking thread you can use each time you open. Just a thought!

I’ll come by and give you a few patterns.

EDIT: I thought you were open now, my mistake. I can’t guarantee I’ll be around then.



I have just edited your title and turned the thread into an ATC tracking thread. Every time you open, change the closed in parentheses to open @ICAO and then also reply below explaining where you are open. When you are done simply edit the open @ICAO to closed, and edit your post below saying that you are open and replace it with a closed.

I wish you the best of luck practicing ATC and I hope to see you in IFATC sometime soon!


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