Games keeps on crashing please help


This morning and recently the sound on my phone crackles and then it causes my IF app to crash and I don’t know why

If you have an idea on what to do to solve it please help I’ll be thankful if I can get this thing fixed


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You’re saying your phone crakles?

The sound does

Ok that might be happening due to something:

Do you have enough storage?
Have you closed apps running in the background?
Does your phone heat up?

My phone has 64GB of storage
Heats up only mildly
And I close my background apps

May I ask what phone is it?

My phone is iPhone 6+ @Claudio

Ok in case this happens again, probably restart your phone and lower graphics, airplane count, brightness.

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Case closed

Mods or Staff can close this topic down

Ps:Who likes my gravel

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