Gameplay with AirPlay

I’m not sure if this belongs in support or here in the general section.

Hey y’all, looking for any updated reviews on using an iPhone XR (256GB) and AirPlay to Apple TV. I’m hoping that there will be no lag but don’t want to spend the money if it doesn’t work well

I saw similar topics but all closed out and since then, new technologies are out, like upgraded phones.

A quick bit of background:

Both my MotoZ and Azus tablet are on their last legs and with the update I can still play on my Azus but it has issues.

I ended up replacing my phone with the iPhone XR but can’t afford the iPad; it was one or the other.

But the XR is too small for me to play the game but with a small stretch I can get the latest 4K version of the Apple TV box.

Would there a lag like there is with the Roku and Android?


My WiFi is 150 mbps with an internal/router speed just shy of 1gbps (880ish mbps) with dual channels.

If I do get the Apple TV it will be hard wired to the router via Ethernet cable and of course HDMI to the TV.

I find that flying with airplay is quite laggy especially with showing the game on whatever your air playing on to but if you have a newer phone like the iPhone XR and a good Wi-fi connection you should be fine 👍🏻

Happy flying.


I recommend buying an adapter which will connect to your phone and then use a hdmi cable to connect to the tv. There will always be some sort of lag when using a wireless method. This is why you are getting lag with android.

I’m hoping, I just wish I could test it before buying 😔

It would be nice to have the Apple TV anyway but when I already have a Roku it’s harder to justify spending the money. Not to mention that even though it’s a great SMART TV, it’s not a 4K/UHD

I tried mirroring with a 3rd party app with the Roku and the XR but it was laggy.

The Roku is an older Roku3 with a 16GB SD card.

I thought about that too and I’ve been looking a lot online about the options with mixed user reviews.

Use this guide.

Not too sure about iOS. But I have a Samsung S4 tablet and a Samsung TV. I ran an HDMI from the tablet straight to the TV with no lag. Using Samsung’s version of airplay there was lag but not the hardwired function. I assume it’ll be the same with iOS.

Well, I ended up hooking up to the tv via hdmi with a Apple Lightening adapter. Works great, no lag other than the hdmi cable strung across the floor.

Well going from a tablet to an iPhone, amoung things like re buying apps; all the buttons are in the “wrong” place compared to the tablet and really, really small and close together on the phone. Throw in trying to control with a small phone with an HDMI cable hanging from the side vs a larger device I’m now one of the worse pilots trying to control the aircraft lol.

Not to mention what happens if I get a phone call or something that drops the game.

I can’t wait for the day I can get the money together for an iPad.

I’ve got it hardwired with Verizon Fios gigabit speeds of 990/880 wireless and I’ve gotten up to 1003 down on my ATV 4K before. There unfortunately is still enough lag that it makes it difficult-even after messing with the settings and such. Believe me I’ve tried a couple tricks. Would love to hear if you can get it working well what settings you may use etc.

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