Gameplay looks like 20fps but it is showing 30

Device:ipad 6th generation
Operating system:ios 15.5

For some reason, the fps monitor in if is showing that I have 30 fps when really the gameplay looks and feels like 20 fps as it is really choppy, especially at the larger airports, anything I can do ?

Have you tried changing any of your graphics settings to see if that helps? What are they all on now? If a lot of them are at high that can really slow the device down at the bigger/busy 3D airports.
Also I would suggest seeing if you have any apps running in the background and to see if any of those are taking up memory space on the device.

Hi thanks for the reply I have my rendering quality and rendering resolution on medium and the rest on high and anti aliasing off and my airplane count at low but I would have thought for a 4 year old device 30 fps would be perfectly achievable with minimal medium settings or am I out of my mind ?

Yeah that’s interesting, I am using an iPad Pro that’s about 4 years old too and don’t have any issues running at 30 FPS with a lot of the settings on high so I would think you could do something comparable or at least at medium. Have you tried restating the device between flights and making sure no apps are open in the background when running IF? Those are two of the things I do between flights.

Yeah, I have even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and it reset all my settings to high but it’s still really choppy idk I might have to take it on the chin and put everything on medium

Yeah i’m really not sure. Maybe someone who has a bit more technical knowledge of the game/devices will see this and have some better suggestions. Hope you get it figured out!

Ok thanks for the help mate, very much appreciated

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A quick question, I’m also using same device Ipad Pro 9.7 and experience lag at 3D airports but I do use Infinite Flight Assistant app in the background can that have a significant impact on the performance? All settings are on high except Rendering resolution to Medium.

Im not sure, I don’t run any apps in the background and I can run IF on high at 30fps with no noticeable lag or anything just fine. I can even do 60 FPS but I do experience frame rate drop a bit if I try that so I keep on the 30.

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I’m trying to balance out my settings while running the IF Assistant app in the background but am beginning to think that I can’t have both things, either I keep my high settings no app in the background or have the app in the background but with medium settings all around. Thanks for the input though.

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Could you have if assistant on another device, like a phone etc ?

It’s meant to be use on the same device that you are running Infinite Flight on

I think I now what’s happening here and it going to sound crazy but bare with me, when I originally changed from 60 to 30 I thought that 30 looked like 10 but what was actually happening was my eyes were not used to 30 so it looked sluggish. Is there a noticeable frame drop when using IF?

Usually the FPS monitor will also lower your FPS in the worst case with 10 FPS

I think you could actually be on to something there because I’ve took a break from if because my sub ran out and I didn’t have the money to pay it but now I’ve resubbed I’m playing on 30 fps and I have been playing games while I wasn’t playing if that have been at like 80-90 frames so it’s a possibility but even before I lost my sub I’ve had this issue so I don’t really know

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