Gameplay issue with planes

I don’t know what it is but when I’m in the middle of a flight the plane starts glitching and trembling/shaking I think it’s the graphics or something like that… any of y’all have a solution??

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It’s a problem with the physics. It will be fixed with global :)


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I appreciate the information so I can more accurately solve your issue.

Kind Regards, Sebastian

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Right now this is going to happen when flying for awhile but is supposed to be fixed with the global update.👍

This is known as the floating point bug. It will be fixed in the global update.

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Well I have an iPad mini two and the latest iOS but i will get a new iPad Pro later but that’s irrelevant so in the middle of a flight of you zoom close to the plane after a bit it starts trembling or shaking and it looks like major turbulence one of the people who responded said it was physics and it would be fixed in global…is that true??

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Ohhhh okay thankssss

Thanks sooo much I was worried it was my iPad

Alright then thnaks for the response

What speed are you going at?

Trust me when I first experienced it I was like oh my! I hope I don’t need a new iPad! Then I came here and found it is just a bug that will be fixed very very soon!👍

Usually I go Mach .87 the speed limit

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And Altitude you go at?

I go at 28,000-30,000

Ah k. Yh it’s the floating bug. It’s been patched in global so it’ll be fixed when it’s released.

@Dan, @Daniel14, @ThomasR - floating point usually first occurs when you touch the ground, not in the air (not that i’ve heard of or found any reports of at least). You also need some distance from your starting point for it to happen.

So, just to be sure:
@Thiago_Ortega-Gamaro, when do this trembling/shaking behavior occur? Just after a short while in the air or after quite some time? Is it only in the air, but not on the ground?


My aircraft shakes violently like 2 minutes after takeoff. Really bad in the 747-200.

I know this issue, go to a 747 and go to nose view, you’ll see a trembling

It happens in all planes, just the nose view makes it more visible