Game won't load on android 6.0 help plz

I download the game and install it but it won’t load I don’t know what to do

What do you mean by ‘it won’t load’? What specifically won’t load? Please provide more detail.


We need details.

What device are you on? Specific model number please.
Download an app called “OpenGL Version” and read what version it gives.


I mean u see the infinite flight and then it comes back to my phone home screen

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So, you mean the app crashes upon starting it?

Yes the old update works fine but this new update jus would load

you mean, the original global update was ok, but the one you recently received regarding the bug fixes has an issue?

We still need details on the device.

I meant before global was that one was OK but on I updated it to global it kept crashing


Try lowering graphic settings and reducing plane count to very low. Also, make sure that you are not running any background apps while playing infinite flight and that you are restarting your phone or clearing your RAM regularly.

Download an app called “OpenGL Version” and read what version it gives.

Start off with all graphics settings on low first. Then work your way up and see where it crashes.

He was already able to download the update. Therefore, it should be higher than 3

OK thanks for the help man

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Please let us know if that worked and use the “Solution” button.

I’d still like to know the GL version. There are some known issues with the Play Store so it could have let something through.

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He can’t even get onto IF, how is he supposed to do this??

He can’t load into the game, I think he can get onto IF.

If you are unable to get onto IF, go into your phone settings and change your screen resolution to something a bit lower. Sorry, I’m not sure on the exact steps to do this though.

I think he’s talking about the Load screen when starting IF as there is no IF logo on the Scrren loading into the game itself.

If that is the case, he would have to change the phone resolution in settings prior to launching IF.