Game won’t connect to live server…

I landed in Toronto when aircraft were everywhere, and as Im exiting the runway to cross it goes silent and no planes are appearing on map.

At first I thought my WIFI connection dipped but I was still able to communicate with ATC but I wouldn’t get a response in return. So I turned my WIFI off and on again and now it won’t connect to the Live Server and even after checking to see if my WIFI is the issue, I determined it to not be the issue.

How do I connect back to the Live Server? Is it just a me issue?

Update #1: I went to reconnect my iPad after turning my WIFI off and on again, and now my screen is frozen but I can still click all the buttons, like my throttle still works but the screen is frozen.

Update #2: The game just quit, so I guess no more problems…


I’ve been in this situation where the top right corner is green, but there’s not a plane on the ground, I usually think it’s my own network problem, but reconnecting won’t fix it unless I restart the app.

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Yeah that’s what seemed to be the case, in the end the game just quit on itself, so there was nothing I could do at that point

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Whenever I get disconnected from the server…I turn off my internet connection and restart it after few seconds…I don’t know about your device…but it actually works in my device…I get reconnected to the server after doing this trick😉😉

next time click out of the app for 30 seconds till you disconnect and then go back into the app, should work

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This is known issue. When you disconnect close your WiFi/Mobile Data like 20 second. After that reopen them. Its always working.

Little Notice:

İf it’s still not working you have internet issues. Check your Wİ-Fİ or Mobile data. If your disconnect due to long time without internet you will not connect to server. İf you are having this solution a lot. Restart your app or reinstall your app. You will lose your replay’s when you reinstall it.


The same issue happened with me recently. I was in flight and I got a call which lasted about 1.5minutes, however upon resuming the game ‘live server’ went red. It won’t return to green whereas all the other 3 were green. Tried to switch off mobile data and wifi multiple times but unsuccessful. I had to quit the game. It’s quite frustrating after a long flight you have to deal with this!


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Please read my reply.

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I understand disconnecting from WIFI for longer than 20ish seconds, but I never disconnected before then so it should’ve been fine.

I don’t want to jump straight to WIFI issues because it has worked beyond perfectly fine before and I have done flights and landed in busy airspaces with no issues. So I don’t know why it would fail once on the ground…


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