Game Unplayable after Hotfix - Unable to tune to ATC frequency/Cannot hear audio/App Crashes

I know you are all trying to fix this issue, but the game is unplayable in it’s current state.

App crashes on exit (see the end of screen capture).

Hopefully this isn’t a duplicate post. Please see video (I turned on touches half way through to show issue more clearly).

YouTube - Infinite Flight - Blinking ATC/No Audio After 20.03.03 iOS Hotfix, App Crashes on Exit. (Unlisted)

iPad 6th Generation (iOS 14.3)


Take a look here.

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Really sorry you are still experiencing issues. We’re doing all we can from our end to mitigate this, but right now Apple confirmed issues with their TTS framework that we use for ATC messages, and we are waiting for them to fix these.

One suggestion to help with this is to set the Pilot Voice and Default Voice in Live settings (00:59 in your video) to Alex (en-US).

If this option isn’t showing in Infinite Flight, it first need to be downloaded:

  • Go to iOS Settings
  • Accessibility -> Spoken Content -> Voices -> English
  • Select Alex and wait for the download to end
  • Restart Infinite Flight, go to Settings -> Live
  • Set Pilot Voice and Default Voice to Alex

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound as good as some of the other voice options, but it is a recommended workaround for the time being.

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we work through this. Let me know how you get on with this workaround


Will give it a try now.

Cheers - and don’t be sorry, these things happen!

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Changing the voice to Alex (en-US) on both Pilot and Default solved the issue.

Thanks for the help @Cameron !

Was able to do a quick pattern flight on casual server using Unicom commands and able to hear other pilots doing the same.

I will note though - I heard a different voice other than Alex (en-US) for certain pilots. Maybe android users? Not a big deal - just kind of noted it in my brain.

Cheers and good luck with the issue.


Just had this issue. I clicked on the “send & switch”, it didn’t change, I sent a wrong message for approach thinking it was tower, he sent me to tower again, tried again send & switch, didn’t work, tried going manually, ATC started blinking. I had to leave on final to avoid a report.

Sorry @NJ24 and @JetSuperior5192


same thing just happened to me. I was reported :/

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I have the issue of being unable to hear ATC voices after a few minutes of controlling planes (ATC position, not pilot). Have to start the shift again for the voice to come back on even with the default Alex voice :/

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It’s been happening to me where when I first start a flight it goes great for about three communications then goes out. Then comes back with ATC audio after I’ve made three inbound calls.🤦🏻‍♂️😂

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I’m just going to stay off the expert server until this is resolved. I feel bad for not hearing commands and don’t want to place any additional stress on ATC. I’ve almost got a few reports but due to controllers being cool about it - I narrowly avoided them.

Hopefully the team addresses this soon, I’m confident they will.

Cheers everyone, and hats off to all the controllers I cannot stress that enough. Great job.

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I am also still having this issue. Have any word from Apple?

Today when I was flying to EPWA, controller said me to switch to tower and I did it and sent messages for landing but after one minute automatically I contacted approach again and because that I reported, and I can’t hear ATC voice too, I was reading messages

Yup, that’s most definitely part of the issue, sorry for the inconvenience.

You can probably get it reverted if you show proof

It’s level 2, I can fly in expert server

But you can still get it reversed if its because of the bug

Yeah I’d still recommend you try to get it removed. It still effects your stats, and could restrict you from other things in the forum such as VAs and IFATC. Also if you accumulate 5 level 2 violations, you will be banned from the expert server regardless. Honestly, it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to shoot a PM to @appeals

Hi everyone, thanks for the concern, I’ve been in touch with the user in question, and rest assured, the matter is being taken care of with Yasin and the controller.

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Well aaaaaallllllrighty then! Thanks @Thunderbolt !

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