Game Times Out Before I Can Enter Altitudes in IFAssistant

I have to enter a flight plan in IF before I can go to IFAssistant and enter the desired altitudes and the IF game times out of Live Mode before I can get that done and I’m pretty fast about it. Any ideas?

This third party website will produce a flight plan with all the nuts and bolts. It’ll tell you at what waypoint to climb, and what FL to climb to. Then before you load your flight fill in when you want it to climb at the specific waypoint or however it’s done:)
Use this and IF assistant.

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Make sure that when you switch between apps that you aren’t waiting too long before switching back, as IF doesn’t run as a background app. If you wait too long to switch back to IF, 2 things could happen: 1.) IF could crash, or 2.) You will lose connection with the live server until the app is restarted. I know you said you’re fast about it, but you still run the risk of it timing out if you put IF in the background anyways. Both of these end with the flight ending, so here’s what I do. When entering altitudes into IF Assistant, only switch to the app for less than a minute, and then switch back, so you don’t lose connection for the duration of the flight, instead of configuring IF Assistant all at once. This system, in my experience, has worked 99% of the time, and I have only had one app crash using it, which was probably caused by the aforementioned scenarios. But if you use this, remember: 1.) This is from my experience and it may or may not work for you. If you try it and it doesn’t work, come back to the community to ask for another solution. 2.) NEVER change between apps when contacting ATC, as this system pauses your flight when IF it’s in the background, causing issues with the controller’s ability to contact you. This could also be a connection related problem, as in order for the connection to permanently time out, your sim has to have a failed connection multiple times. So if you have a slow connection, it may be more likely to time out.

May I ask: How long do you usually put IF in the background when configuring IF Assistant?

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