Game suddenly crashed

I was just playing Infinite Flight. Going for a flight in the Cessna 208 grand caravan and as I was coming in on approach for runway 22L at JFK, the game suddenly crashed. It’s been lagging for a little bit but it’s not a big deal to me. But as I was getting ready to come down approach after I took off from 13L to go onto 22L The game suddenly crash.

Hello, what device and software are you using exactly?

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Was KJFK busy? If so turn down graphics and airplane count to low or none if you have to as I used to experience lag coming into busy airports


I play on my iPhone or iPad

JFK wasn’t really busy but for some reason that happened

What software are you using? ios 14/15 etc…?

Which one were you using at the time? Also,can you give the specific model?

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