Game still crashing

I’m still not sure what is happening but my game doesn’t like it when I load into any aircraft and try a flight, I can start the engines (on some aircraft) and get off the ground and cruise (on some aircraft) but never make it to the end because it keeps crashing. I’ve tried everything again and again but still no luck. It is starting to get very annoying now cause the only aircraft I can do a full flight with are the TBM930 and the A318-19-20


Sorry to hear you are having issues with Infinite Flight. Hopefully I can help you.

What device do you have and what are graphics/airplane count setting set to?

  • Rendering quality- medium
  • Rendering resolution- high
    -Texture quality- high
  • Anti-aliasing-off
    And limit frame rate is on
    Airplane count is on medium

Ok. Sounds reasonable - what device are you using.

iPad Air with the most up to date version of IOS for it

The original iPad Air or a recent one (which generation number)?

Honestly don’t know, is there a way to find out?

Go into Settings > General > About and send a screenshot of that page.

I can tell you.

Here you go:

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Ah! Looks like you have the original model which is now over 7 years old and will unfortunately really struggle to run Infinite Flight even on the absolute lowest settings. It also only has 1GB of RAM which is the absolute minimum needed to run IF.

I think the best thing to do is to restart your device before each flight so its RAM is cleared and to run on the lowest settings.


Ok I’ll try that and thank you for your help

I’m previously using the iPad air too and what I can suggest to prevent the crashes is set all the settings to low and airplane count to low or none.

Also try to avoid using the newer planes (757, A350, 777) in busy airports.

Hope this helps!

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