Game still crashing

This game is still crashing even though with the new Hotfix, I can not even move from the gate, the game keep crashing!!!

What type of device do you have?

iPhone 11 pro.

I am still having issues with it crashing at the gate on both an iphone6+ And iPad Air both of which I believe are compatible with the game!


What airport are you guys trying to spawn in at?

Give these two links a read:

From what it seems, one of the crashes reproducible In Infinite Flight with the 20.1 Update occurs at busy airports/regions! If you can, start a flight from a remote airport up in Northern Canada (or some other remote place in Infinite Flight) and see if your app still crashes. Turn on ‘Low Power Mode’, Disable ‘Anti-Aliasing’and lower your ‘Airplane Count’ and make sure to restart your app prior to a flight.

The hotfix seems to have fixed some issues but it seems that some issues are still present; like this one here. I’m sure the Staff and Development Team will be taking a closer look into the issue that is causing this.


I honestly thought this hotfix would really save us so we can enjoy the game. But I guess we have to watch from the outside while everyone else without the crashing problem enjoy them game.

I have tried from lfpg and tel aviv and it crashes at the stand! I have tried it in different aircraft, I have aircraft count as non and all settings set to the lowest! I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game but no difference!

Exactly!!! I tried all the setting options I received and still the app continue to crashed, I even change aircraft but nothin same results. With the previous update my game only crash if I am flying for more than 3 hours now with this update it’s crashing within the first 5 mins at the gate

I tried everything here still not working

When this crash occurs, what camera view are you usually on? Try and reproduce this Crash and find a cause if you can.

EX: HUD, Captain, Normal, Freecam, etc

Bro I tried different camera view and still the app keeps crashing.

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