Game still crashing on final...

I made a topic about a week ago saying how may game crashes on final after a 3HR+ flight assuming there is ATC on arrival and it worked… for one flight but it crashes all the time on final now, anyone please help.


What’s your graphic settings now?

Last time you had Rendering Good and Texture quality Medium right?

Good and medium anti aliasing off

Do you have any apps running in the background?

Also; Reboot your device before starting a flight

None except infinite flight assistant and I do restart it

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How about airplane count in Settings —> Live ?

Very high, should I turn that down

Turn it down to low and see if it works.

Report back

Ok, will do, thanks

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A safe bet would be to redownload the app itself. It usually solves most of the problems :)

As long as you fly, do you set the graphics quality to the lowest?
If not, I experience the Hong Kong - Bangkok route in the initial version after the global update came out.

There, when i was on final, the game is force closing and I realized that during the flight my graphics were not lowered and I played the camera so that the power saving mode could not be active. Is my problem probably similar to yours?

Just some additional info:
Very high airplane count on a busy airport with ATC is a heavy burden for a Iphone 6. An app running in the background does not make it any easier.

Side note:
You have to adjust graphics settings before you spawn. Settings after you spawn are limited.

There might be too much data stored on your phone through other apps, photos, etc. Consider deleting old apps you don’t use. Or, get a new phone with higher storage.

To sum it up, leave at least 1GB available when using IF, and keep an eye on your storage.

I suggest deleting the game and redownloading it. There’s a chance the file is corrupt on your phone. Don’t worry, all of your data and subscriptions will be saved, with the exception of flight log. This will probably work.

Have you done a flight without IFA running and see if it makes a difference?

Imma try this now

Maybe, so I need to lower my graphics during flight, will do

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I have just over 100GB free

Yes I have

Ok, well, can you confirm what device you are using?