Game still crashes after hot fix

I just wanted to know if someone had the same issues as I have.
After installing the hot fix, the game still keeps crashing. Does someone know why?
I tried to lower the graphic but nothing worked. I have an iPad Air

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You are certainly not alone.

Give these two links a read:

From what it seems, one of the crashes reproducible In Infinite Flight with the 20.1 Update occurs at busy airports/regions! If you can, start a flight from a remote airport up in Northern Canada (or some other remote place in Infinite Flight) and see if your app still crashes. Turn on ‘Low Power Mode’, Disable ‘Anti-Aliasing’and lower your ‘Airplane Count’ and make sure to restart your app prior to a flight.

The hotfix seems to have fixed some issues but it seems that some issues are still present; like this one here. I’m sure the Staff and Development Team will be taking a closer look into the issue that is causing this.


Thank you so much

The thing is I already tried these things.
Graphics and stuff but non will work :(
I spawned at EDDF and tired to fly but after I took off it crashed.

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