Game sometimes crashing when looking for a airport to atc at

My infinite flight would sometimes crash while air traffic controlling and looking for an airport to atc at.
Is this issue being fixed?

Iphone 6s
Ios 11

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Hi, have you tried restarting your device? You can also do a simple app reinstall.
@Levet What do you think?

Let me try restarting my device brb

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To add on to what Chief305 said, keep your RAM cache free for Infinite Flight, reset your router regularly and restart your device/app before long flights.

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my game is not crashing when i fly on long flights at all. but just atc it is

Try turning your graphics settings to the lowest positions when controlling. Also, minimize camera movements especially free cam.

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i didnt do a free cam when my game crashed on atc

i actually have a ios update downloading on my phone right now.

so when im done, im going to see if that worked. if not, like i said im going to restart my phone which im confident that it would work because i haven’t turn off my phone in days

Sounds good, please report back. Thanks, Chris

i will when i get back onto atc

Also reccomend you turn down your brightness settings while playing, high brightness usually causes performance issues as it utilizes more ram and uses allot of battery life.
Hope all goes well, Chris.

right now im on atc and its not crashing so far :)

We’re glad to help! Maybe it that you didn’t have the update downloading, any other further issues feel free to let @Levet know, you can always send him a PM ;) Cheers and see you in the IF Sky’s!

i restarted my phone and i atc at 3 airports and the game did not crash. and restarting my phone fixed it. thx guys

close my topic now that i got this issue fixed. thank you