Game randomly crashed after flying for 2 hours during long haul

Hey so I was flying KJFK to KLAX and my game just crashed. I came back to my device after being away for an hour and a half and I tapped the screen and I got a message saying “Infinite Flight has crashed would you like to send this error to the developers”

NOTE: I cleared my scenery cache before take off and I reset my device before launching IF.

Maybe what device were you using did your device over heat do you have enough storage?

What device and were you on beta?

My device is an iPhone 11 iOS 14.1.0 and no it did not over heat it’s perfectly fine. I also have limit frame rate on as well as low power mode. I’m not in open beta.

This might be the problem

Why so? I thought this prevents your device from crashing?

Well your device is new so I don’t think you should use that

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But I don’t want to damage my battery.

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You will not damage your battery


Your device is very new and is definitely capable of handling high settings.

Has this happened before? If not, I would let it slide, as there may be some crashes once in a while, even if you have one of the best devices.

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Well this is my first long haul. I have mainly only done like flights with a total flight time of 90 mins.

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This bit is a bit weird if you are not in Open Beta…

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IF just randomly does it sometimes. Especially in new reworked Aircraft. If you do it again you should be able to fly. But your reply take up a lot of space. Only keep like 4 and delete the rest

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And from those short haul flights I haven’t encountered this.

Can we have the exact graphics and live settings please?

Yes two seconds.

This could be the reason if you didn’t fly to that place before

That shouldn’t matter if it is a brand new phone

It’s around a year old. If the airplane count is too high the device may not be handle it.