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Hi this problem have happen to me 2 times now, and last flight I have been planned from sfo to sin,for fuel then to lhr, But because of fuel, I had to land at sin and the time was 12ish midnight, I have to stay up late just to refuel, and 10mins away from egll the game quited, and now points are added, and all the time I spend is gone!!

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As far as the fuel I recommend sites like sim brief for realistic fuel planning that you would need for your flight. Don’t worry flight stats are logged as the flight goes on now u may not have all the xp but you got some. As far as the game quitting if the issue continues I do recommend you close app or turn off your device before a flight and if this continues I recommend you simply redownload

The fuel will not make it no matter how you do it if you choose my route, land at sin first then to lhr. But I check and I don’t think the 2 of the flights are logged.

Hello, correct me if I am wrong, but you experienced a simple crash. This is caused by the insuffiecient amount of ram that the game is using or your device has overheated mid flight. As Justin had mentioned, simple ways to prevent the problem are by turning on low power mode, reducing graphic settings (if problem keeps erupting) or simply restart your device and clear your cache. Sometimes, when you stay on the game on full graphics for a long amount of time, that is also what causes your game to quit. Your XP from the flight will be there as well as the flight time in the air but your landing xp will not be there. Thought these might help.

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I am pretty sure the stats are sent to the servers once in a while, so the server has all the record until the crash.

Reasons for the crash refer to @Ryan_Vidad 's post above ^

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If the route u choose needs an aircraft with long range use a aircraft like the 787 or 777LR for example don’t use a A320 on a KLAX-RKSI flight
As well as go the most efficient speed and altitude for best fuel efficiency

I do have low power on and the device’s temp is as normal as when you are using, it, so I honestly don’t know what happened, and the frustrating thing is that all the time I spend is gone and not so happy.

I did use the 787-9 but it won’t make it anyways it needs a stop somewhere to refuel:)

What Device do you use?
That must mean you are doing a long route if the 787 can’t make it BTW keep in mind the longest IRL flight is 17 hours NZAA-OTHH so keep in mind anything longer would be difficult to complete in the sim just like it would IRL

I am using a Iphone6,

I realize there’s a language barrier here, which is fine, we can work around it, but you’ve still managed to squeeze what seems to be 4 or 5 different things into one request which doesn’t provide any info which support can work off.

  1. Your stats are constantly sent to the server, so you didn’t lose them.

  2. Sorry it’s late…i guess?

  3. The flight can be made. But there are many factors. Load, speed, step climbing, winds, traveling the great arc instead of a straight shot, etc, all play a role.

  4. Games can crash for any number of reasons, but without any device info or anything else, no one can offer much more than that.

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Settings for the 6 I recommend you use be Medium graphics Limit frame rate try to keep your brightness low and turn on aircraft visible at once to low hopefully it fixes the crash issue. As the 6 has the 2014 1GB Ram it is not as powerful as some other devices say as the 6s with 2gb of ram those settings should help

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