Game problem

There seems to be a lot of problems in the game these days. IFC also has a lot of articles supporting problems in various games. It would be appreciated if you let us know why these situations continue to occur and how long they need to be resolved.

(This article is by no means criticizing the infinite flight management team!)

Have a nice day, IFC members!

Don’t think it’s entirely down to the sim, I think device software updates don’t help too. IF will always be a work in progress and I love it like that! Everything will have glitches, let’s just be thankful we have a team who recognises these bugs and fixes them ASAP!

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Each scenario is different and why there is a #support category. You also may be confusing questions with issues.

If you have something specific you can ask it there but “hey whats up with everything” is not something one can reply to.

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Of course, they’re all right, but these days it’s been especially bad.


Could you give an example? What situations are you referring to?

I think the weather problem, server problem, crash problem, etc. are getting worse.

There will always be various sorts of problems. Nothing will ever be perfect. Fix one thing, another one appears.

The weather + server problems have most likely been permanently fixed besides the turbulence factors. The reasons for these were something i explained here for example:

Regarding the crashes - we’re not seeing any increased crash rate. Most of the crashes are either way device related and has to do with too high graphics settings etc.


First of all, I understand. You always work hard to manage the server, but I think I wrote it without thinking. Sorry

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All good! :)

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